List of Amiga productions by The Silents, since 1987

Below you'll see a list of older Silents Amiga (Demos & Intros only) releases. The list is not a hundred percent complete, and is only at this site for historical matters, as The Silents no longer produce Amiga related Demos.

1987 Welcome On Amiga Released at the NTC & Defiers Party.
Code: Beyonder, Gfx: Spirit, Music: (sample-mama).
1988 Quasmalite Released at The Silents Summer Meeting August/88'
Code: Utopia, Music Pussy.
1988 Round Released at the Mahoney & Kaktus / Northstar / Fairlight Helloween Party.
Code: Ted, Gfx: Ted, Music: Lazer.
1988 Stardust 3 Code: Dezed, Gfx: Capone, Music: Blaizer.
1989 Snurkelscroll 1 & 2 Winner of the Spectre & Northstar Helloween Party 89 demo competition!
Code: Sincos, Goofy (additional), Gfx: Icebrigade (logo), Animal (font), Music: Blaizer.
1989 Legal Released at the Bamiga Sector 1 & The Warfalcons party.
Code: Tanic, Gfx: Tanic, Music: Blaizer.
1989 Viva The Silents Released at the Bamiga Sector 1 & The Warfalcons party.
Code: Dezed, Gfx: Capone, Music: Lazer.
1989 Danish Quality Released at the Bamiga Sector 1 copyparty.
Code: Mr.Perfect, Gfx: Mikael Balle, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1990 Megademo Released for the Kefrens & Dexion Party demo competition.
Code: The Crux, Williams, Mr. Perfect, Guzzler, Gfx: Mikael Balle, Boze
Music: Jesper Kyd.
1990 End of Maloy Code: Mr. Perfect, Gfx: Mikael Balle, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1990 Blue House 3rd in the demo competition at the Amiga Conference 90.
Code: Alta, Gfx: Rizzo, Alta, Music: Marillion (main), Blaizer (end).
1990 Tropical Sunset Released at the England CES 1990.
Code: Fuzzac, Gfx: Coma/SOS, Chevron, Music: Marillion.
1990 Sound of Silents Released at the Bounty Party.
Code: The Crux, Gfx: Mikael Balle, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1990 Wrath of the Demon Released at the Dexion Party 90.
1990 Check Mate Code: Mr. Perfect, Gfx: Mikael Balle, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1990 Moldavia BBS Intro Code: Cool-G, Lyzanxia, Gfx: Chevron, Walt, Music: Jesper Kyd
1991 BBS Intro Code: Performer, Gfx: Walt, Music: NHP & BKH
1991 Blues House Code: Mogwie, Fuzzac (additional), Gfx: Chevron
Music: Marillion, Blaizer, Arcane.
1991 Global Trash Winner of the Amiga Convention Summit demo competition!
Code: Sunjohn, Gfx: Mikael Balle, Sionic (titlepic), Music: Jesper Kyd.
1991 Geometrical Dreams Released at the ECES Party '91.
Code: Delery, gfx: Chevron, Atlas, Music: Blaizer & Marillion.
1991 Ice 3rd in the Amega Party demo competition.
Code: Ronan, Performer, Gfx: Walt, Music: Audiomonster.
1991 Intro? Dentro? Mentro? Code: Performer (main), Motif (dots), Gfx: Walt, Music: NHP & BKH.
1991 Goodbye Released at The Party 1991.
Code: Performer, Gfx: Zoom, Facet/Anarchy (font), Music: NHP & BKH.
1991 Hardwired 2nd in The Party 91 demo competition.
Code: The Spy, Deftronic, Murphy, Saxs, Guzzler
Gfx: Mikael Balle, Sionic, Zycho, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1992 Cat Computer Club Code: The Spy/Crionics, Gfx: Mikael Balle, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1992 Intro Code: Saint, Gfx: Rayban, Aero, Music: Bass.
1992 Addicted To Silence No info available.
1992 X-pose 3rd in the Hurricane Party 92 demo competition.
Code: The Master, Bionic, Gfx: The Master, John Doe, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1992 Maximum Velocity Winner of the Abstract - Oxygen summerparty 1992 demo competition!
Code: Coconut, Flame, Silver Eagle, Gfx: Cenobit, Music: JOL005X.
1992 Static Chaos By No-Soul produkktions
1992 Enjoy The Silents 2nd place in the Digital Symposium 1992 demo competition.
Code: Rayban, Gfx: Saint, Aero, Terminator, Music: Řisten Eide & D-Zire.
1992 Intro (40k) 3rd in The Party 92 40k intro competition.
Code: Xann, Gfx: Hof, Music: 911/Rebels.
1993 Demon Download Demo: Code: Bionic, The Master, Gfx: Devilstar, John Doe
Music: The Master.
Game (Poo-Poo Dreams): Code: The Master, Gfx; The Master
Music: Terrax/Palace.
1993 CC93 Invitation Invitation to The Computer Crossroads 93.
Code: Spirou, Cuddley, Gfx: Chevron, D-Zire
1993 Sozzled Somersault Code: Fuzzac, Gfx: Chevron, Music: Marillion.
1993 Something About...... 2nd in the Marks Computer Society party.
Code: Spirou, Cuddley, Delery, Gfx: Chevron, Music: Marillion.
1993 The Party 93 Invitation Invitation to The Party 93.
Code: The Master, Gfx: Dize, The Master, Music: Jesper Kyd.
1994 Soulkitchen 4th at The Party 94 demo competition.
Code: Crush, Ricky, Gfx: Dize, Music: Scortia.
1995 Fruitkitchen 4th in the Assembly 95 demo competition.
Code: Crush, Ricky, Gfx: Dize, John Doe, Music: Scortia.
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