Simple, and free, service handler.

When creating a deployment pack, which contain a service, many install programs doesn't support the function to install and start a service. This small tool is able to install and start/uninstall and stop services with a command line, making it quite usefull for installation scripts.

Many installation programs offer the ability to execute a script or executeable file, and then wait for it to complete. With these programs you can launch Servicehandler to install and start any service you need, at any time.

See your installation program for documentation on how to execute an external file.

    /Install Installs and starts the service. /F: and /S: is required.
    /UnInstall Stops and uninstalls the service. /S: is required.
    - Start the service after installation
    - Don''t start the service after installation
    - Ask user if he wish to start the service after installation
    /S: Indicates the service name. Ex. Servicehandler /uninstall /S:my_service
    /F: Indicates the executable file. Ex. Servicehandler /install /F:"c:\program files\my program\myservice.exe" /S:my_service

This utility is freeware, and may be used freely as long as it is not altered in any way. It is the same program, which was used when creating the Serverwatch deployment package.

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