Serverwatch (Professional IP, Network Server, Service Monitor) Pricelist

Direct Purchase
Host license Credit Card Other DK
10 Monitors (single server) 79 USD 53 Euro 395 DKK
25 Monitors (single server) 159 USD 107 Euro 795 DKK
60 Monitors (any server on site) 319 USD 216 Euro 1595 DKK
120 Monitors (any server on site) 499 USD 337 Euro 2495 DKK
No limits (any server on site) 799 USD 540 Euro 3995 DKK
No limits (any server, any site) 1199 USD 810 Euro 5995 DKK

Serverwatch licenses bought in 2007 and forth, does not qualify for free upgrades to B4Failure.

Direct Purchase
All prices listed in these sections does not include VAT. Customers inside Denmark will be omitted a 25% TAX on the registration fee, which then can be deducted. Direct purchase is a bank transfer from your company to ours.

Credit Card
Only customers outside Denmark, can order using a credit card through Regnow. Prices here are somewhat higher, as we have to pay a percentage to Regnow for their services and take the exchangerate for USD into consideration, as this is not updated on a day-to-dat basis.

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