Serverwatch (Professional IP, Network Server, Service Monitor) Interface

Serverwatch has two primary Interfaces. One for the administrator to setup his survey (single instance), and a realtime monitor to be run from the server or workstation with access to the network and database.

Administrator GUI:

    The administrator GUI gives you easy access to your survey. Based on groups you can easy setup your default schemes, which later can be used by the monitors when added.

  • Group your monitors/surveys by location or service to fit your needs.
  • Groupview will let you spot the group (and monitor) that is affected within a few seconds.
  • Groupview makes it easy for you to setup a default scheme, which you then can apply to all monitors in the group.
  • Use server/service dependency for more accurate statistics and failed monitors.

WEB Console:

    The WEB console gives you access to your survey from anywhere, as long as you have a browser. Secure the groups to allow other users to see and/or change all or partial monitors in your setup.

  • Similar to function and feel of the normal GUI.
  • All the functions available from a a WEB console from anywhere.
  • Let other users access Serverwatch from anywhere through the advanced webinterface (still in development). Users can be restricted on group's, and subfunctions giving you complete control of who does what, why and how!

Serverwatch Monitor:

    The Serverwatch Realtime monitor can be run from any computer which is able to connect to the webserver, where the Serverwatch webconsole is installed. This way you have an overview of your network/server status from a single monitor at your administrative location, or on your own workstation.

  • Display the current state of your network from any workstation within your domain. The display groups your monitors by groups and servers, for easy overview.
  • When run from your own workstation, use the Popup dialog warnings (similar to messenger messages) and sound alerts to be adviced on any iminent failures.
  • Hide the monitor in your systemtray while you work, and call up the monitor when needed, or make it appear automatickly on failures.

See survey and alert features for further information on the various options available.

 Article: Serverwatch Info Interface Features ( Serverwatch )