Serverwatch (Professional IP, Network Server, Service Monitor)

Serverwatch PRO is the most comprehensive all-in-one IP, Network and service monitor for your infrastructure. Offering built in checks for checking performance counters, network accessability, diskussage, eventlogs and much much more. If it can not fulfill your needs it allows you to write your own scripts.

Serverwatch PRO has been under heavy influence ( and still is ) by it's devoted users, making it more and more powerfull after each release. It gives you an easy and organized interface, which groups your monitors, making setup and followup more than easy. Even for a non-skilled systems administrator.

Serverwatch PRO is the ultimate survey monitor for your network. Offering built in checks for checking performance counters, network accessability, diskussage, eventlogs and much much more. Furthermore Serverwatch Pro offers you to write your own scripts, in case the build in options does not fullfill your needs. All this come with a complete package of usable interfaces and warningmethods, I.E. emails with part of your eventlogs, audio and much much more.

This all-in-one application gives you a complete overview of your network and it's status anytime, from anywhere. Use the monitor on your workstation for remote warnings about pending errors/warnings, and take action before it gets critical. The easy of use administration interface, let you group your surveys for easy error finding, giving you a complete network status at the tip of your fingertips.

The WEB console uses a security database, so you can let your other administrators, or people, access different monitors and setups as you wish. It allows you to setup some users as viewers only and some as editors etc. Specify which monitorgroups the individual users can access, giving them simple view of only the monitors they need to survey!

The advanced email notifier collect all mail warnings and delivers them. If a network error occurs, Serverwatch PRO will deliver them as soon as the network connection is restored!

All monitors are automaticly resolved into IP numbers, so if your DNS server fails - Serverwatch will use the last known IP number for the Monitor. This gives you the ability to survey servers, that doesn't use a static IP.

The Documentation included covers all aspects of Serverwatch, making all questions quickly answered. The Documentation even covers a few examples of setting up monitors to catch output from a specific webserver, ftp server or mail server.

Serverwatch Pro. development has been discontinued and should only be used by existing customers, please download the sequal B4Failure

- Advanced IP resoultion. (New) Serverwatch PRO, will resolve all hosts to IP numbers. If a DNS lookup fails, it will automaticly use the last known IP address for the affected host.
- Schedule. Setup when to run your monitor(s), within an 1 hour precision on a daily basis.
- Cleaning. Schedule cleanup/compression, to keep the database compact and fast.
- Interface GUI. Easy and intuitive administration interface.
- Interface Monitor. (Improved) Quick status overview from any machine with access to the Webconsole.
NB. Requires HTTP access to Serverwatch webconsole!
- WEB Console. [NEW] Quick access to your survey from any machine, anywhere through the WEB interface. Secure your interface so that your users only get access to the information you want them to see and/or edit.
Now supporting virtuel directories and HTTPS sites.
Note! Some WEB functions are still under development, but all essentials are covered for viewing and editing!
- Security - WEB.

- Passwords
Specify WEB permissions, using the builtin userdatabase, with encrypted passwords.

All passwords are encrypted, using a real encryption algorithm, ensuring that no passwords are alike!

Monitoring Features (Quick Overview):
- Disk Capacity. Monitors your drive free status.
- Custom scripts. Write your own survey scripts. (I.E. VBScript or JScript).
Powerfull option for checking everything!
NB: Requires installation of the desired scriptengine.
- Eventlog.(Improved) Verify that no errors are found in any of the eventlogs.
Option for including affected part of eventlog when failing in mail notifications.
- Eventlog items.(Improved) Check for single instances in any eventlog to singleout specific errors.
Option for including affected part of eventlog when failing in mail notifications.
- File Integrity. Check the integrity of a specified file.
- ICMP Ping.(Improved) Ping response check, for simple alive checks.
Option for including tracelog when failing in mail notifications.
- Performance Counters. Check your servers performance data.
- Port Connection.
- Port Reply Check.
Verify that connection is possible to your (port) services.
Response check can verify the port output with simple telnet commands.
Effective for checking if your website has been defaced!
- Used to monitor your Smtp, Http, Ftp servers etc. which is essential for web deface checking!
- Service Counter. Check the amount of running and/or installed services.
- Service Watcher. Check if a specified service is running, and try to restart upon failure.

Alert Features:
- Audio Alerts. Sound alerts on failures from the service, or the monitor.
- Advanced Email (Improved). Send an email when a monitor is failing.
Emails can be fully customized, by using the Serverwatch TAGS. See the complete list of TAG Variables in the documentation!
If your SMTP connection fails, Serverwatch holds the message for later delivery to avoid messageloss!
Option for including partial eventlogs and traceroutes.
- Full logging. Serverwatch logs all survey results in it's database, which is easily extracted.
- Network message. Broadcast a network message to multiple users/computers.
- PopUp Alerts. Show Popup when a monitor state changes.

See survey and alert features for further information on the various options available.

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