Serverwatch (Professional IP, Network Server, Service Monitor) F.A.Q

General: Does Serverwatch run on Windows 95/98/ME
General: Does serverwatch support MS-SQL/MySQL databases?
General: Does Serverwatch work in a Terminal Service session?
General: How do I upgrade or degrade versions of Serverwatch?
General: How much does it cost to upgrade my current version?
General: I get the error; No Primary SMTP server is configured after configuring?
General: I recive a script error when connection to a remote machine?
General: My monitor tests fine, but fails when running in server?
General: My script runs fine in test, but fails with an OLE exception when running in the checks.
General: What operating systems will Serverwatch run on?
General: Will I still be notified, even if my mail server(s) failed to respond in time?
General: Will you add support for database monitoring, snmp traps etc?
General: Will you make National versions of Serverwatch?
GUI: I entered my new registration key, but it defaults to the old one?
GUI: I have just deleted a montor, but still my limit is exceeded?
GUI: I've changed the tick interval, but the GUI still counts down from 60?
GUI: Only 3 monitors can be added?
GUI: Serverwatch tells that another GUI is active and then exits?
GUI: The database is suddenly empty.
GUI: The monitors are shown, but never checked.
GUI: The OK button on the Settings pane is grayed out?
GUI: What does "Failed to update record, another session has updated it!" mean?
Notifications: Can I add more than one email to the up/down email notifier?
Notifications: Can I add more than one recipeint to the network message notifier?
Notifications: Can I avoid a massive email storm if all monitors has failed?
Notifications: Can I send an sms message to my cellphone?
Notifications: The network notifications fails?
Survey: How do I check the output from a specific HTML, ASP or PHP page?
Web: I get an ODBC failure, connection is locked and similar?
Web: The webinterface locks the database and stops?

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