Serverwatch (Professional IP, Network Server, Service Monitor) Alert Options

Serverwatch' two interfaces and WEB console, gives you the ability to setup a warning/message scenario close to you, even if you are not within range of the ServerWatch server.

Feature Service Monitor
Audio Alerts Yes (On instance) Yes (On any)
EMail Notification Yes (On instance) No
Launch Program Yes (On instance) No
Network Notification Yes (On instance) No
PopUp Notification No Yes (On Any)
Restart Service Yes (On instance) No
Visual Display No Yes

The scheme above display the various alert features available in the monitor and the service. On instance meaning that a monitor can be singled out for a given type of alert, as where on any, all/any failures will trick the alert.

Feature Recipients Errors/Fails Warnings Success
Audio Alerts N/A Yes Yes Yes
EMail Notification Multiple Yes No Yes
Launch Program N/A Yes No Yes
Network Notification Multiple Yes Yes Yes
PopUp Notification Local User Yes Yes Yes
Restart Service Service Instance No Yes No
Visual Display Local User Yes Yes Yes

The scheme above display the options available for the various alert features. Note that not all warnings has the same triggers, so the warning scenario should be planned properly.

Serverwatch ques all mail notifications, so if your SMTP connection is down or time-out, the message(s) will be delivered on the next cycle.

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