Faces pricerange

Direct Purchase
Host license Credit Card Other DK
Small business (50 Lines) 100 USD 67 Euro 499 DKK
Medium business (100 Lines) 180 USD 121 Euro 899 DKK
Large business (250 Lines) 280 USD 189 Euro 1399 DKK
Global business (no limit) 480 USD 324 Euro 2399 DKK

Direct Purchase
All prices listed in these sections does not include VAT. Customers inside Denmark will be omitted a 25% TAX on the registration fee, which then can be deducted. Direct purchase is a bank transfer from your company to ours.

Credit Card
Only customers outside Denmark, can order using a credit card through Regnow. Prices here are somewhat higher, as we have to pay a percentage to Regnow for their services and take the exchangerate for USD into consideration, as this is not updated on a day-to-dat basis.

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