The Product video demo by 100% Prophets (featuring The Master / Silents Denmark) Download

By 100% Prophets  
Released 8th May 2001
Format VBR MPG1 (PC-Video)
Duration 4min 56 seconds
Filesize 57.9mb
Concept Admass
Audio The Master
3D Gfx Admass
2D Gfx Facet / Lemon
The Product, the longest Prophets production to date again has as an oldschool feel and thanks to them badasses `The Master` and `Facet/lemon` there are some wonderful original scene elements in there too! We think this concludes our nostalgia trips and only the future Primetime packs will have any nostalgic significance, forward to new ground. Also thanks to The Chronic for Technical Direction.

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