Security Setup 2 download

By IDP  
Released November 2000
Product Type Security Tool
O/S Windows 9X/ME/NT
Version 6.1
Options Install & Uninstall
Filesize 1.0MB (Zip)

The elegant and easy way to administer security on PC’s running Win 9x / NT. Security SetUp II - Light will present you with the ability to combat vandalism (or pure ignorance) from destroying the Windows 9X / NT setup.
No more must you endure constant changes to the desktop-, network-, printer-, modem-, screensaver-,internet- etc. etc. settings. Now you are in charge, and have a way of 'padlocking' those settings. The main goal is to offer easy access, thus Security SetUp is very easy and user-friendly to use. Try it free for 20 days, if you like it, you are offered registration at cheap rates (both commercial and private licences are available).


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