Powersettings Windows Tweaker Download

Get in control behind one of the most powerfull Windows tweaking utilities ever. PowerSettings has been under a lot of influence by it's users and has been under devellopment for more than 1 year. Finally you have the result, PowerSettings!

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    PowerSettings offers:
  • Get you computer to start in pure D.O.S again.
  • Change the shortcut arrow to whatever you want.
  • Check your files for changes at startup, and prevent infection of unknown viruses.
  • Log file editor, to View/Edit/Clear all your Windows log files from one program.
  • Personalize your Desktop pictures.
  • Change the Windows 9x folder structure.
  • Watch what the uninstallprograms call, when they launch, create your own and remove the ones which doesn't work anymore.
  • Watch what windows launches behind your back. (Edit/Remove/Insert)
  • Change the layout of your Deskop, and some of it's features.
  • Clear your history lines when leaving Windows.
  • Log logins at startup!
  • Change your registration information.
  • Forgot your password to Windows9x??? Well here you can remove the password file directly!
  • Got a habbit of forgetting stuff? The PowerSettings Calendar & Popup is with you every time you start Windows!
  • Have your system ever crashed, or ever wished that you didn't install that program? The systembackup backups critical system files, including the Registry.
  • Lock your system as with Windows NT, when you leave your place with one click!
  • Make sure you are the only one that can use PowerSettings at the station, by password-protecting PowerSettings!
  • Edit the manufactor/model properties in my computer!

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