Faces, the electronic employee and company directory

Tired of beeing bound to the Intranet for employee information? Finding yourself without the proper phone number(s) or addresses? Hate when you don't know who you are talking to??? This might be the answer to your prayers!

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    Faces offers:
  • Quick index of your department, online & offline.
  • Fast and easy access by a click in the system-tray.
  • Group your departments, contacts and others for easy views.
  • See the faces of your co-workers and/or the buildings they work in. *
  • Compatible with almost all export formats. **
  • Distribute your updates, by updating a single file.
  • Faces can be fully customized to match your needs.***
  • Option only available to users when online. ( to save time/space )
  • Supports the most known graphics formats.
  • Automaticly identifies a graphics file. ( checking for all known extensions )
    Data format**:
  • Faces support any format, which does not use fixed delimiter.
    Faces editor***:
  • Customize the dataformat.
  • Customize the client detailview to your needs.
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